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Pullbox Review

It’s starting!

With the fourth issue of Reed Gunther about to be released this Wednesday, June 30th, we’re starting to hear from a few choice reviewers who snagged an advance copy of the book!

Eric over at The Pullbox wrote the first review for Reed Gunther in Fish Out of Slaughter!

Eric says stuff like:

“When I was introduced to the wild adventures of Reed Gunther, I immediately fell back to being eight years old and reading the classic comics of yore.  That is to say, it brought me to that place of pure enjoyment… pure, simplistic, heroic enjoyment.”

“This book is nothing short than an independent gem!”

“I can’t thank Shane and Chris Houghton for reminding me what real joy in the medium can look like.”

Thanks so much for the kind words, Eric! We’re really happy you enjoyed the issue!

Be sure to read Eric’s full review at!

Issue #4, Reed Gunther in Fish Out of Slaughter! is available for pre-order in the Store section of the site. If you order now, your comics will be shipped out on Monday (June 28th) so you should receive them as close to June 30th as possible!

As always, every issue comes shipped in a plastic sleeve and cardboard backing to keep your issue fresh as it travels through the rough and tumble mail system! We also include free hand-stamped mini-comics with every order!

Thanks for reading,

- Shane

Agent-X Recommends Reed Gunther

Agent-X Comics recently recommended Reed Gunther as a fun western comic to check out!

“The art is professional and captivating, while the storyline never fails to inject humor or kookiness without losing track of the excitement.”

Check it out here!

Broken Frontier Loves Reed Gunther!

Hey folks!

You’ve GOTTA read the latest review for Reed Gunther in Fish Out of Slaughter! over at!

The incredibly generous Steven Surman wrote a rave review, saying stuff like:

“…this series continually raises its own bar of originality, humor, and wit—all the while maintaining a pace that few independent comics would ever dream of setting for themselves.”

“For anyone who hasn’t read any of the prior books and is curious, think of this comic as a hybrid between the folklore of Hellboy, the offbeat humor of The Far Side, and the everlasting charm of Calvin and Hobbes.”

“…writer Shane and artist Chris Houghton love what they’re doing. Perhaps their dynamic is due to the blood they share, but whatever the case may be, they’re producing one of my favorite indie books today.”

Whatta guy! Under all that fur, Sterling’s totally blushing.

Be sure to read the entire article here!

- Shane

RG Train Kick_sm

Comic Book Bin Review

cbbbannerHey Bear-Riders!

Our fourth issue, Reed Gunther in Fish Out of Slaughter! was reviewed by Andy Frisk over at!

Andy says stuff like:

The fourth issue of one of the best and most fun indie series out there continues the slapstick yet oddly (albeit all ages friendly) spooky paranormal/comedic/action packed adventures of one of the most refreshing bumbling heroes in recent memory”

It is perhaps the cover to this issue though that stands out the most. The dizzying perspective and feeling that Reed and Sterling are overcome with when they arrive in New York City is expertly conveyed.”

Thanks so much to Andy for reviewing the new issue!

Tomorrow… San Diego Comic Con news!

- Shane