Reed Gunther
, an all-ages comic book published by Image Comics and created by brothers Shane and Chris Houghton, follows a goofy bear-riding cowboy through his exploits in the spooky and exciting Old West!

Shane and Chris Houghton have been brothers as long as they can remember.  Throughout the years, the two have collaborated on various creative projects, the most prolific being afternoon jam sessions in the garage.  While growing up, it was hard to find either of them without a comic book within arms reach, and they are now extremely excited to be working together on one of their own.

Shane Houghton is the writer and co-creator of Reed Gunther. He has also written stories for Peanuts, Simpsons’ Treehouse of Horror, and Casper’s Scare School. Aside from writing, Shane freelances as a filmmaker and has edited reality TV shows, shot webseries for Comedy Central, and directs promotional video game advertisements.  Shane lives in a big house in Los Angeles with his fiancé Katie. He likes to eat burritos.

Chris Houghton is the artist and co-creator Reed Gunther. He has also contributed work to The Simpsons, Adventure TimeMAD Magazine, and Kung Fu Panda comics. He is a member of the National Cartoonists Society and is currently working at Disney TV on Gravity Falls. He lives in Los Angeles with his wife, Kassandra, and wonder cat, Simon.

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