Here’s what people are saying about Reed Gunther!

“Unlike many comics today, this story is fun and enjoyable, providing an adventure with consequences, but never taking itself too seriously. It’s clear that the Houghton brothers are trying to deliver a fun book here, and it succeeds. Worthy of an ‘all ages’ label without pandering to either side of the age spectrum.” – Doug Zawisza, Comic Book Resources

The hallmark of any comic book worth its salt is two fold. There’s got to be great art, and you have to leave your readers wanting more. This issue accomplishes both. When you add in humor and purposefully silly, yet interesting characters, you have the makings of something special.” -Andy Frisk, Comic Book Bin

Reed Gunther is a book with an electric energy that sparkles with every turn of the page… For anyone who hasn’t read any of the prior books and is curious, think of this comic as a hybrid between the folklore of Hellboy, the offbeat humor of The Far Side, and the everlasting charm of Calvin and Hobbes. I love Reed Gunther, and I want everyone else to, also.” -Steven Surman, Broken Frontier

“Here at The Pullbox, we have a belief about the comic industry at large and the Independents specifically… The best talent out there are the people you haven’t heard about yet and they are working on books you haven’t read yet.  Shane and Chris Houghton’s Reed Gunther is a prime example of this.  These true independents have done some incredible work here that you will be sorry if you miss out on.” -Eric Anderson, The PullBox

“If you truly want to read a comic that is good, clean fun, completely unhinged from continuity, crossovers, or company agendas, then do yourself a favor and pick this book up … Trust me, you’ve spent $3 in worse ways before. This will help make up for it.” -Doug Zawisza, Comic Book Resources

“Shane and Chris Houghton have cooked up a very funny and accessible most-ages comic” -Scott Slemmons, Hero Sandwich

“Creators Shane and Chris Houghton do a great job of keeping the pace of the story moving, never forgetting to inject character and humor. This was a refreshing and kooky ride worth checking out” -Ambush Bug, AICN Comics