Broken Frontier Loves Reed Gunther!

Hey folks!

You’ve GOTTA read the latest review for Reed Gunther in Fish Out of Slaughter! over at!

The incredibly generous Steven Surman wrote a rave review, saying stuff like:

“…this series continually raises its own bar of originality, humor, and wit—all the while maintaining a pace that few independent comics would ever dream of setting for themselves.”

“For anyone who hasn’t read any of the prior books and is curious, think of this comic as a hybrid between the folklore of Hellboy, the offbeat humor of The Far Side, and the everlasting charm of Calvin and Hobbes.”

“…writer Shane and artist Chris Houghton love what they’re doing. Perhaps their dynamic is due to the blood they share, but whatever the case may be, they’re producing one of my favorite indie books today.”

Whatta guy! Under all that fur, Sterling’s totally blushing.

Be sure to read the entire article here!

- Shane

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