REED GUNTHER #4 in Stores Today!



Issue #4 hits stands across the country today! Reed and Sterling finally make it to New York City in search of Mr. Picks and the stolen monster-creating Idol! However, a bear-riding cowboy isn’t the most natural thing in the big apple and Reed quickly attracts the attention of a government special agent! Reed must traverse this urban jungle while eluding capture in order to find Starla and stop Picks! What a wild mess!

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Thanks folks! Hope you enjoy the new issue!

- Shane

Fish Out of Slaughter Teaser at iFanboy! ran a very nice article about REED GUNTHER in FISH OUT OF SLAUGHTER (issue #4, on sale Sept. 7th)!

They also got a really cool exclusive teaser image for the new issue, which we’re teasing right here! That’s right, a teaser for the teaser!

Picture 1

Check out the full thing over at!

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REED GUNTHER Nominated for a Shel Dorf Award!

ShelfDorfAwards_logoBefore REED GUNTHER became an Image Comics book, Chris and I were self-publishing for about a year and a half. Since we’re originally from Michigan, we did a lot of campaigning for our book there.

We were honored to find out that we have been nominated for “Self Published Comic of the Year” award from The Shel Dorf Awards!

If you would care to participate in the online voting, please check out the Shel Dorf Voting site and consider voting for your favorites in each category. We’re up against some pretty stiff (and awesome) competition, so please vote however you see fit! And if you haven’t read some of those other self-published comics in our category, I urge you to seek them out and give ‘em a read!

Once you vote, you will receive an email for you to confirm your voting to prevent spamming. Please be sure to confirm your voting through that email.

There’s plenty of amazing and talented Michigan comic creators on the ballet, and if you’re not sure who to vote for in a certain category, please consider the following friends of Reed Gunther:

Rob Worley (and his book SCRATCH 9)
Guy Davis
Jason Howard
Jay Fosgitt (and his book LITTLE GREEN MEN)
David Peterson’s MOUSE GUARD

Thanks for your consideration, and happy voting!

- Shane

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REED GUNTHER Colorist Interviewed!

Starting with REED GUNTHER #3, Chris hands over the coloring reins to Ciaran Lucas, a talented colorist from Athboy, County Meath in Ireland, a town which is “known for it’s milk, apparently”.

I asked Ciaran a few questions about coloring for REED GUNTHER:RG_TRP_COL_13_coloring

SHANE: Who the heck are you and what do you do on REED GUNTHER?

CIARAN: My name is Ciaran Lucas and when the fates deem me worthy I colour on Reed Gunther.

SHANE: How did you decide to get into coloring for comic books?

CIARAN: I started off in animation, and after college I floofed about in Photoshop. A lot. A friend of mine named Brian Hess liked my paintwork and asked if I’d like to colour an issue of Vincent Price Presents. Cartoon Skunks, horror, an honest-to-God comic book? Sign me up. A load of other strange and unusual things happened after that, but essentially- someone asked me to.

SHANE: What’s your process for coloring a page of REED GUNTHER?

CIARAN:Well, step one is the fun part- read the comic/script start to finish. I tend to have a feel in mind when I look through the pages, so after that it’s just a case of matching it up to what’s in my head.

Pretty early on the guys did me the BEST FAVOUR IMAGINABLE and got my pages flatted for me, which made everything so much more dynamic.  I’d change most to all of the colours, focusing on getting key panels looking right and then timing the other panels as transitions between them.

Then I’d work back in to each panel and add more depth and rendering, and finish up by sorting out line holds and extra effects loveliness.

SHANE: How does color assist in telling a story in a comic book?

CIARAN: Oh no, you asked THAT question. I might go all serious for a second, just to warn you.

I’m learning more about this every day, but where I’m at now I see it working in 3 ways.

1- It helps set the mood/tone. It’s a film example, but go with me on this; Remember the scene in the Lion King where Mufasa dies? Keep an eye on the colour. That whole sequence is really rich and red. The following scene, where Simba comes out it’s a lot more grey and subdued.

Likewise, the palettes I used in RG were deliberately dusty looking, to hammer home the Old West setting. Within that, the keys were set in a way to compliment what the story was portraying- although most of the time if you’re doing your job right, nobody will notice.

2- A large part of effective colour use is telling the eye where to go. Chris nails this in the inks alone, so sometimes it’s like adding a big LOOK HERE sign. But yeah, it’s assisting with what the inks are conveying, and not trying to distract from it.

3- Adds depth- Colouring lets you render in more nuance than ink alone and that can really add a lot to a page. The main risk here is not overpowering the inks, and adding where it’d help. Essentially, making a good thing better.

SHANE: Who is your favorite REED GUNTHER character?RG_TRP_COL_02_coloring

CIARAN: Sterling. He’s a really interesting character, a gorgeous design and without the ability to talk, heavily dependent on acting alone to sell what he’s supposed to be doing. I want one of those Sterling toys.

SHANE: Who is your favorite REED GUNTHER creator? Shane or Chris?

CIARAN: You should wrestle to decide. Let me know who wins. Chris, I’m looking at you.

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The third wild adventure of everyone’s favorite bear-riding cowboy hits stands today! In this issue, John Henry comes back from the dead to cause trouble for Reed, Sterling, and Starla as they pursue the mysterious monster-creating Idol! Reed has a crush on Starla and starts ignoring his bear-pal Sterling. Sterling must decide if his friendship with Reed is coming to an end and if he should leave the cowboy forever…

Plus, there’s monsters, a creepy mysterious guy, train chases, and a guy in weird ceremonious Idol clothes. It’s a good one folks!

If you haven’t read Reed Gunther before and your local shop is sold out of issues 1 and 2, check them out digitally at!

Don’t know where your local shop is? Enter your zip code in at and find your closest comic shop!

Thanks everyone! Hope you enjoy the new issue!

- Shane