REED GUNTHER #9 in Stores Now!


STEAK AND BEANS! Reed VS Sterling? Man VS Bear? Cowboy VS Steed?!?

It’s true! Readers of the entire series will remember a certain mysterious character who keeps popping up throughout the book (look for clues in issues #3 and #6), and it’s about time we heard his story!

This is the first half of an EPIC two-part story! Hold on to your lassos, this one’s going to be WILD!

Read the entire issue on your computer right now, thanks to Graphicly:

Can’t find a local comic shop? Purchase a copy online at! Or purchase digitally at Comixology or on the Image Comics App.

Don’t forget to pre-order REED GUNTHER VOL. 2 “Monsters and Mustaches” at your local comic shop!

Diamond Order Code: MAR12 0444


Check out how cool that cover is! This second trade paperback will collect issues 6-10 and have TONS of extra stuff including short comics, sketch work, and the very first ever Reed and Sterling adventure– written by Chris! It’s wild and you gotta check it out!

Pre-ordering your indie comics (like any title from Image) really helps out the creators and the longevity of your favorite series. Thanks for pre-ordering and especially for reading!

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