REED GUNTHER #8 in Stores Now!

We’re pumping them out! Only 3 short weeks after issue #7 hit the stands, Reed Gunther, Sterling, and Starla are galloping into comic shops again! But this month, it’s Starla who’s taking the reins…

It’s the Starla issue! After realizing she is “just one of the guys,” Starla has a breakdown and decides she needs to act more like a traditional Western lass. Of course, this goes poorly when Reed is in need of her punching-expertise when mummies begin to resurrect and want to eat his face!

In a recent review of RG #7, said this about Starla:

“It’s very refreshing to find a female lead who’s the loudest and often the most competent of all the main characters. Starla has a good head on her shoulders, and her no-nonsense attitude balances Reed’s impulsive heroism. She’s tough as nails, speaks her mind, and would be a good role model for any young female readers.”

If you can’t wait to get to your local comic shop, you can purchase a digital version of this issue right here on

Thanks for reading, folks!

- Shane

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