REED GUNTHER #10… not in stores…


Howdy folks!

Unfortunately, REED GUNTHER #10 will not be in stores tomorrow, April 25th. Before you tar and feather us, let us say that we are very sorry for the delay.

Please commence with the tarring…

If anyone cares about the why of such things, allow me to explain. Chris and I both live in Los Angeles where we have day jobs in television. I edit reality TV shows and Chris works as a storyboard revisionist and character designer for animated shows.

Chris and I both got on some great shows at the beginning of the year, which severely ate up our Reed Gunther time. Let me tell you, issue #9 BARELY came out on time, but we managed to squeeze it in.

“But WHEN can I read issue #10!” you say? “You dirty rats left me with such a crazy cliffhanger! Is Reed really going to sell his soul?!”

The good news is that Chris and I are now off our respective TV shows and are hard at work on REED GUNTHER #10! WHOO HOO! Now stop tarring us! And put those feathers away!

Although we’re not too far into it (the script is finished and Chris is working on thumb nailing out the entire issue), I can tell you that we’re going to bring you the reader along the way on the creation of this issue! Check back here for updates and exclusive peeks behind the scenes of making an issue!

Our fans are the most passionate and awesome fans out there and we appreciate your patience. I promise that this story will be so awesome, and so epic, the wait will be worth it. This issue is an extended issue with more story pages crammed between the covers so you’ll even get a little extra, all for the same $3 cover price.

Thanks for waiting cowboys! And cowgirls! And cowbears!

- Shane

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Discussion (2)¬

  1. David says:

    That’s will be the end or there’ll be more? how about ed 11? when will out?

  2. Shane says:

    There will be more Reed, Sterling, and Starla, but not for a little while. We’ve got a few other comic projects in the works that we need to spend some time developing, but then we will return to Reed Gunther for more adventures!

    Vol. 2 (the collection of issues 6-10) will be out in July!