What a Weekend: The Booth


Holy smokes! What a WILD weekend we had at the 2010 San Diego Comic Con!

Chris and I had a completely fantastic time bumping elbows with the comic industry’s coolest folks and we’ll be updating through the weekend about our non-stop time at the biggest convention around.

Above is a shot of our booth we shared with nicest guy around, Kevin McShane, creator of the hilarious book Toupydoops! Toupydoops is about the inside-outs of the Hollywood industry, if Hollywood made comics instead of movies. Fun stuff that Kevin will soon be serializing on his new site!


At our booth, Chris and I had a nice little set up with our issues, free mini-comics, and the brand new, hand-made STERLING PLUSHIES! Made by Alisha Murray at kawaiicrochet.com, these custom Sterling stuffed-animals are way too cute.

Also on hand, Chris was selling Draw Sucka Draw’s Messed Up Fairy Tales and the first printed issue of Heeby Jeeby Comix (not pictured)! You may also notice our short horror comic Chris and I made as an experiment to try a different tone entitled, Blood Brothers!

Chris and I would not have been able to do all the wonderful things we did this weekend if it were not for our lovely ladies that accompanied us, Katie and Kassandra! Thanks a million for being our “booth-babes” and helping us let people know about our small bear-riding cowboy book!

More to come later!

- Shane

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