What a Weekend: YOU!

By far, the coolest thing about having a booth at San Diego this year was all the wonderful folks who stopped by. Whether they were picking up the latest issues or discovering Reed for the first time, we had people of all-ages stop by to give Reed Gunther a chance.

The free mini-comics and Chris’ free sketches probably helped slow people down and give us a minute of their time, but we know there are THOUSANDS of things to spend your time and money on in San Diego, and we are extremely grateful to all the folks who chose to spend it with us!

One truly awesome fan was cool enough to haul the copies he bought at Meltdown Comics in Los Angeles all the way to the convention for us to sign! What an honor!

Chris and I recorded a quick video yesterday to express our gratitude to all you wonderful people out there:

Thanks so much everyone!

More on San Diego tomorrow!


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