See You in San Diego!

Small Press Table M12!

It’s so close I can smell it! (or maybe that’s just my lunch).

Chris and I will soon be in sunny San Diego for Comic Con International. Now I know what you’re thinking: Man there’s so much stuff going on, how am I going to stay up to date with you guys?

Have no fear! We’ll be hanging out at our shared table with Kevin McShane of Toopydoups at Small Press Table M12! We’ll have our big ‘ol Reed Gunther banner up so you can spot us from a distance.

M12 is not that had to remember. Just think about something that you like that starts with the letter “M” and something equally important that has the number 12 in it. Like that Bruce Willis movie 12 Monkeys. Or 12 (angry) Men! Or something else that isn’t a movie reference… Maybe you could leave a comment below to help folks remember?

Chris and I won’t be able to update this blog until after the show, but you can follow us at Twitter to know exactly what we’re up to!

Shane –

Chris –

Hope to see you soon!

- Shane


For a full map of the entire San Diego Comic Convention, click here.

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