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Hey Folks!

I’d like to say thanks to all the folks who came out and visited me at The Comic Bug last night for the release of issue #4!

Comic Bug Group sm

If you came out last night, you may have seen these jokers. In the middle is the always amazing, the most hospitable of hosts, and coolest dude in the world: Mike Wellman, co-owner of The Comic Bug! Mike is the nicest guy in the business. Why else would he let me hang out in his shop so much and shout at folks to buy Reed Gunther from atop a soapbox? I always have a blast with Mike and I owe him one thousand of my first borns (?) for letting me now do three signings at his fantastic shop.

The other finely dressed fella is Luis Calderon, the creator of the campy sci-fi comic Space Johny! I talked with Luis a while back and he was telling me about how excited he was to finally come out with his own comic. That excitement really showed when he arrived to the signing wearing a TUXEDO! Out-classing me in every sense (I gotta get me a tux!), Luis and I had a hilarious time signing together.

I drew a goofy pic of Reed Gunther and Space Johny for Luis and he (being a way better artist than me) returned with this awesome sketch:

Luis Drawing

Thanks Luis!

For everyone who already purchased an issue online or stopped by one of the stores carrying Reed Gunther, thank you very much! You guys rock. We’ve had a fantastic response to this new issue and we’re excited everyone is having a fun time reading it!

Ain’t It Cool New Comics included issue #4 in their Indie Jones round up (scroll about 3/4 down their page to see the write up) where they say stuff like:

“It’s another issue chock full of great stuff from Shane and Chris Houghton.”

“…there’s a whole lot of fun to be had with this comic that never takes itself too seriously.”

Scott Slemmons over at reviewed Reed Gunther in Fish Out of Slaughter! and here’s his verdict:

“Thumbs up. Ye gods, this one was a lot of fun. Lots of very funny lines from Reed, lots of great shenanigans around the city, great depictions of 1880s NYC, excellent action, the grand comic reappearance of Grover Cleveland, and a bonus pinup by Stan Sakai!”

Thanks for the review Scott!

If you haven’t snagged this super-fun new issue, swing by the store to pick one up!

See ya!

- Shane

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  1. Very cool! Wish I could’ve been there!