Broken Frontier TRP Review!

Hey everyone!

With the third issue hitting the “metaphorical” stands, Chris and I have been hearing some very nice things about our latest issue, Reed Gunther in Trains, Reigns, and Pains! including this wonderful review by the very gracious Steven Surman of!

Steven say stuff like:

It’s a rare find to uncover a comic book that knows what it wants to be from start to finish.

(Shane’s) characters and their relationships with one another are genuine, his dialogue is light and witty, and his adventures are exciting without being intense.

… artist Chris Houghton ensures that all of the characters, creatures, and settings have a specific look of exaggeration to them, which gives Reed Gunther not only a unique visual experience, but also a special narrative flavor.

Hot Dog!  Thanks so much and we’re glad you enjoyed the book, Steven!  Be sure to read Steven’s entire article over at!

If you haven’t read Trains, Reigns, and Pains yet, but would like to, you can snag a copy of your very own in our Online Store!

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  1. BD says:

    Shane, this is your best review of your writing skills yet. Congratulations!