Reed Gunther: Best Small Run/Indie Series of ‘09!

Wowee!  Over at, reviewer Andy Frisk not only wrote a rave review for Reed Gunther in Trains, Reigns, and Pains!, but also put us on his Frisk’s Picks: 2009 as Best Small Run/Indie Series!

A Bear Ridin’ Cowboy, a Steak Snackin’ Snake, a Stalac-Tight Spot, and some Trains, Reigns, and Pains combine to comprise the best quirky, off beat, funny, and all around enjoyable indie comic since mutated, pizza chompin’, teenaged turtles proved that off the wall characters and stories, if well drawn and written, can be more fun than a barrel full of “dead” Batmans.”


Andy was also kind enough to write a full on review of the new issue, available on January 20th!

He says stuff like:

Shane and Chris Houghton’s Reed Gunther series is simply getting better with each passing issue.”

The fact that the book is so much fun and funny at the same time is simply gravy to go with the ’steak and beans.’”

Overall, this quality of storytelling, art, and just plain fun is often hard to find amongst smaller run, lighthearted, “indie” comics. The Brothers Houghton have something special on their hands with Reed Gunther. These guys are definitely two young creators worth keeping an eye on.”

Many thanks to Andy and the folks over at for being such great fans of our little book!

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Discussion (2)¬

  1. JoeFoo says:

    Outstanding! Congratulations guys! Good job.

  2. Noel says:

    CONGRATS on your “Best Small Run/Indie Series” shout out. RG is awesome!