Hittin’ the Cons!

Howdy folks!

You may have noticed some pretty awesome changes here at ReedGunther.com, which is the direct product of all the hard work Chris has been putting in by tweaking the site and adding new features!

We’ve got an amazing collection of Pin Ups from the three current issues of Reed Gunther with contributions by some fantastic folks like Matt Whitlock, Mike Maihack, and Guy Davis!

We are flattered to have a page for our wonderful Fan Art from amazing folks of all-ages!

And if you’re looking for Reed Gunther Wallpaper, Coloring Pages, cool behind the scene stuff or videos, we’ve got all that cool stuff collected over on the Extras page!


This summer, Chris and I are planning on hitting up quite a few different comic conventions all across the country and we’re hoping some folks will give Reed Gunther a look!

But in order to grab some people’s attention, we’d like to get a big ‘ol banner like our buddy Richard Starking’s did for his amazing book, Elephantmen!

See how that just leaps up and snags your attention? Can you imagine a big ‘ol banner with Reed and Sterling jumping out at you?!

So to close this out, I’d like to bring your attention to the last little addition we’ve made to the site. The DONATE button.

Don’t run! Come back!

I’d like to first say that Chris has agreed to draw an original Reed Gunther character sketch if you donate $5 or more.  That’s a pretty dang good deal for some original art!

We’d like to drum up some funds to purchase some promotional materials to help new people find out about our book. We’re not exactly rolling in the dough as college students/recent grads making a self-published comic book, so we would be eternally grateful for your financial support, in addition to all of the other kinds of gracious support we’ve received, from snagging yourself an issue to tweeting about Reed.

Thank you if you’ve bought an issue, read it online, or even mentioned Reed Gunther to someone. Your support really means a lot!

Be sure to check out the new features on the site, and hopefully Chris and I will see you this summer at the conventions!

Stay dusty, trail-blazers!

- Shane

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