Wax Wombat Interviews Chris

Chris recently had the opportunity to be on the business end of the Wax Wombat’s “Five Questions With…” series and talks about all sorts of things from the origins of Reed Gunther, to other comic projects (Heeby Jeeby Comix), to what it’s like having to deal with me as his writer!

Here’s a taste, but be sure to read the whole article here!

1. You and your brother Shane work together on Reed Gunther. Does having family on board in this creative endeavor make it easier? What are the advantages? Disadvantages?

I don’t know whether it’s the fact that Shane is family or whether or not he’s just a swell guy, but having him with me on “Reed Gunther” has not only made the series easier, but possible. I created the loud-mouth cowboy Reed and his bear-pal Sterling a few years ago but when I wrote my first story with them in it, it was awful and I put “Reed Gunther” on the back burner.

Then, for Christmas in 2008, Shane gave me the script to “Reed Gunther and the Steak Snacking Snake!” just for kicks because apparently he liked a few of the things I had done with Reed and Sterling in the past. I read it and it was SO much better than the stuff I had tried writing. Shane really made the characters come to life, added a girl rancher named Starla, and a wacky big snake.

Working with Shane has been awesome. We’re both new to making comics but are on the same page with a lot of things. We know each other’s history and are great friends, and that makes for a pretty enjoyable partnership.

2. From what I’ve read of your comic, it appears to be more than just a funny old west yarn. There are strange idols, mole people, and stupid cows. How do you classify your comic? Science Fiction? Fantasy?

We’ve been calling it something along the lines of a “Comedy-Adventure-Western-Mystery” for all-ages. That makes sense, right?

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