Pin Up Colors

Hey there folks!

Reed’s third issue, Trains, Reigns, and Pains! is chugging along steadily and pin ups for the issue have been trickling in!¬† Check out this super awesome pin up by Bryan Durren!


Bryan delivered this fantastic colored pin up, and since we print our book in black and white we wanted to make sure you guys got a chance to see these beautiful colors!

Thanks  Bryan!

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Discussion (2)¬

  1. BD says:

    This is one neon shade shy of awesome! Great lips, Bryan! Not to mention the shagy stach, broken schnoz, beady eyes of a steely man o’ the West and not least, an octopi-like bandana sweat rag! By the way, who is that gnarly beast in the background?

  2. Shane says:

    Wowee BD! I couldn’t have said it any better! I love Sterling’s devilish grin.