Reed Gunther Issue #3 Back Cover!

Check out this AMAZING back cover for the new issue, Reed Gunther in Trains, Reigns, and Pains!


Chris has got a fantastic track record of coming up with visually striking and interesting back covers that sometimes go unnoticed. The other day I had a copy of Stalac-TIGHT Spot face down on my desk at work, and a buddy approached me, extremely excited because he thought it was a new issue. I turned it over and showed him that it was the back cover and he exclaimed, “I’ve never seen that before! Is that on my copy?”

After the jump, check out the other awesome back covers from issues 1 and 2!

Reed Gunther and the Steak Snacking Snake!


Reed Gunther in a Stalac-TIGHT Spot!


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Discussion (3)¬

  1. BD says:


  2. Noel says:

    Love the 3rd issue’s back cover. Great background painting.

    I can’t wait to see these available as t-shirts!

  3. Kassandra says:

    AWESOME! Its funny that your cover and back cover switch technique every issue! You’ve created a cool pattern I think. 1st issue: digital front traditional back. 2nd issue: Traditional front digital back. Will the 3rd issue be digital front traditional back? Will you keep this pattern going?