Stupid Cows! Reed Gunther Zine

Here it is folks!

Enjoy a goofy little short story following the adventures of Reed and Sterling*.

These little stories will be free giveaways at future comic conventions (unless you would like to help us cover printing costs by donating $0.25) and Chris and I will have different custom stamps to mark each issue in the white box on the cover.

Also, the back is a blank page, perfect for a custom drawing from Chris!  (I’ll draw you a picture if you want, but no promises on it looking good!)

*To be used to sustain Reed cravings while Chris and I work on the next issue.

Happy Reading!

-  Shane

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Discussion (2)¬

  1. ray says:

    Nice and silly. Good faces, and fun with splash pages.

  2. Shane says:

    Thanks Ray! In the first draft of this story, the cows were replaced with pirate penguins. But then Chris told me there was someone already doing that so we changed it. ;)