Reed Gunther ZINE!

Hey Folks!

I recently received an email from a distressed reader:

“Hey Shane and Chris,

I love your awesome comic book, Reed Gunther!  Like, love love.  But I’ve got a real bone to pick with you eraser suckers…  THERE’S NOT ENOUGH!  How am I supposed to get my Reed and Sterling fix if I gotta wait 3 months for you cross-eyed punching bags to turn out an issue?

Keep up the great work,

-  Garvis Burtelerick”

Wow, Garvis.  Interesting choice of words but I see your point.  With all the important work I’m doing in Los Angeles, and all of Chris’ intense studying in Detroit, it does take some time for just two guys to put out a whole issue, which is why we’ve decided to come out with ZINES!ZINES!

What’s a zine?  Wikipedia describes it like this: “A zine (an abbreviation of the word fanzine, or magazine; pronounced /?zi?n/ “zeen”) is most commonly a small circulation publication of original or appropriated texts and images. More broadly, the term encompasses any self-published work of minority interest usually reproduced via photocopier on a variety of colored paper stock.”

I don’t really understand what Wikipedia is talking about, but Chris asked me to write a couple of short Reed stories and he’ll draw the pictures and that’s exactly what we’ve done.

We’ll be posting a couple of short Reed Gunther adventures, right here, for freezies, online (or if you see one of us in person, ask for a printed copy) to help tide you over until Chris and I can get our eraser punching cross eyes in gear and turn out that third issue (which is going to be AWESOME)!


- Shane

P.S.  Want to send us sideways compliments like Garvis?  Shoot us an email at: mail(at)reedgunther(dot)com!

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Discussion (2)¬

  1. Rick Garvis says:

    Muh name might be Rick, but it sure ain’t Burtele! I reckon there can’t be thunk up no better notion than a zine fer Reed and that there skunky ole bear! Y’all can put be numero uno on yer pony express list. An iffin I don’t get that there zine in the next mailin’ cycle, why then there just might be some wild west butt kickin about to commence on them there authors! Make it so, kemosabe!

  2. Shane says:

    English, please sir. English.

    Hmm, you may not understand.

    Ang-lush, please! Ang-lush!