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REED GUNTHER VOL.1 in Stores Now!



Can you believe it?! Our first ever trade paperback collection is in stores today! The pages and stories contained in this 184 page book has taken Chris and I over two years to complete. The first issue in this collection is the first full-length comic we’ve ever created. Wow.

Chris pointed out to me that although this collection took us over two years to create, the next collection (out in June) will have taken us about 7 months! WHAT?! We love being a monthly book!

We have to extend a huge thanks to the folks at Image Comics for supporting us and helping us reach a much bigger audience.

Brian Truitt from USA Today wrote a super awesome and incredibly flattering article about the graphic novel sized collection of bear-riding goofiness!

If you’re interested in snagging a copy for yourself, there’s tons of ways to do it!

- Go to your local comic book shop

- Purchase from

- Purchase from Things From Another World

- Cheap Graphic Novels has it for cheap!

- Purchase a digital copy for your iPhone, iPad, Android, or to read on your computer!

Thanks to all our fans who continue to support us by pre-ordering our monthly single issues. Pre-ordering your books really helps your publisher know you’re not just making kindling for the fire!

Thanks to everyone who’s read our bear-riding adventures! Reed Readers are the best!

Oh yeah! And come hang out with us tonight at Meltdown Comics in Los Angeles to celebrate the release!

- Shane

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