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Kids Comics L.A. Wrap-Up

Kids Openingphoto by Del Shoopman

We’d like to send a super huge THANKS to everyone who came out for Kids Comics L.A. this past weekend!

Kids of all ages hung out with us and talked comics. Chris lead a drawing seminar and created a couple of characters based on kid’s suggestions including Marc Pig (the angry spaceman), H.A.N.K. (Marc’s dog/fish space-pet), and the evil Dr. VonShoe (a horse, skull, lobster mix with a shark tail!).

Chrisdrawphoto by Jennifer Ruiz

In the second seminar, Chris and I collaborated with everyone in the audience as we all created a super fun and goofy space adventure for Chris to draw. What fun!

Shanehandsphoto by Jennifer Ruiz

Here’s the final product:


photo by Jennifer Ruiz

If you can’t read it, in the last panel Dr. VonShoe gets one more glorious cheese pun in by saying, “I’m so Provolonely!”

Here are some of the fantastic kids who participated! Everyone was drawing and throwing out story suggestions at the same time. I’m amazed with their creativity, willingness to toss out ideas, and sheer energy that they brought to the event. What a blast!

KidsDrawphoto by Jennifer Ruiz

AJphoto by Jennifer Ruiz

And here’s the rag-tag group of creators who were amazing enough to come out and support this event!

Creatorsphoto by Jennifer Ruiz

From left to right: Sam Humphries (Fraggle Rock), Ian Brill (Darkwing Duck, Chip & Dale’s Rescue Rangers), David Server and Jackson Lanzing (Penguins of Madagascar), and us!

Thanks to Meltdown Comics for hosting the event, the Grilled Cheese Truck for coming out and feeding us, and to Jennifer Ruiz for snapping all these wonderful photos!

Thanks everyone! Happy Reading!

- Shane