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Reed Fans ROCK!


Thanks to everyone who picked up the first issue of Reed Gunther this past week! Chris and I really appreciate your support! Thanks for posting pictures, writing kinds words, and spreading the news!

We won’t have a letters column until issue #6 as the earliest because we’re using all of our available page space to JAM PACK each issue with 32 pages of Reed Gunther adventure! If we did have a letters page, we would have to print all the kind words folks have been emailing into us like this:

“Thanks for making a comic that I can give my little girl that isn’t based on a toy, TV show, movie or cartoon. I appreciate it more than you can possibly imagine.” – Scott P.

“Dear Houghtons, I really just gotta give Reed Gunther real high marks!! Seriously; there’s not much to complain about! I’m pretty keen on westerns, too–everything from Jonah Hex to LHOTP–so this is right up my alley. It was the art that sold me, though; with a cover and preview art like that, I knew it would be as good as it seemed.” – Andrew S.

If you’d like to share a picture, fan art, or write to us, shoot us an email at mail(at)

Thanks everyone! You guys ROCK!

- Shane

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