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Reed Gunther in Freak Show Showdown Cover!

Chris has constantly knocked the front and back covers of this series out of the park. One measly front cover could not contain all the awesomeness in store for the fifth issue, so Chris spilled the awesomely epic image onto the back cover as well!

Check out Chris’ amazing new double cover for Reed Gunther issue #5, Reed Gunther in Freak Show Showdown!


(click the photo to see all the detail!)

In Reed Gunther in Freak Show Showdown!, Reed and Sterling locate the Idol-swiping and Starla-napping fiend, Mr. Picks. Within Picks’ Freak Show Theater, Reed must save Starla and hide the mysterious monster-making Idol in a place where no one will ever find it!

We’re hard at work on Freak Show Showdown and we’ll be releasing some concept art and sneak preview bits in the next coming weeks.

We hope you’re as excited about this one as we are!

- Shane