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Panels for Primates

Hey folks!

Chris and I have a lot of great Image news to share with you soon! We’ve got all sorts of fun promos, images, and contests to get ready for the big Image release on June 1st!

But before we get into all that, and because we know it’s been a while since we released any comics, take a look at the charity comic we made for Act-I-Vate’s  Panels for Primates!

Panels for Primates is a charity anthology to help benefit the Primate Rescue Center. If you’d like to donate, please visit and specify that the donation is for Panels for Primates.

Here’s a description of the Primate Rescue Center from their site:

“The Primate Rescue Center occupies some 30 acres in central Kentucky, with buildings and grounds designed to afford the animals a quiet, sheltered place to spend their lives. The centerpiece of the sanctuary is a state-of-the-art chimpanzee enclosure—currently home to 11 chimps—that was completed in the summer of 2006 and since updated with climbing structures and other improvements designed for the animals’ enrichment. A fenced tunnel lets the animals move between the spacious outdoor enclosure and their temperature-controlled sleeping area.

In addition, the PRC features 10 custom indoor/outdoor monkey enclosures with heated houses; the 40 animals occupying these spacious enclosures choose where they wish to spend their time, and, except in the most inclement weather, most venture outdoors for at least part of the day.

Keeping so many apes and monkeys fed is a monumental task: in an average day, our staff and volunteers process and prepare 300 pounds of fresh fruit, vegetables, grains, and pasta. To insure that this critical task gets done on time each day, the PRC boasts an industrial kitchen that would rival that of any gourmet restaurant.”

Read our goofy monkey comic here, and if you scroll down to the comment section you can read our pretty hilarious bios as well.

Thanks for reading!