Reed and Sterling’s origin story is in comic shops now! If you’ve never read the adventures of Reed Gunther before, this is the perfect place to jump in! And if you’ve been reading right along… get ready for one of our best adventures yet!

This issue also has a bonus page of story that reveals the “origin” of Reed’s mustache and a four page Reed short story that’s never seen print!

We’ve had some incredible reviews for this issue!

“This issue is a fine example of how to handle a standalone story that offers new readers ample access into an ongoing series… The Houghton brothers are clearly having fun with this book and they telegraph that fun throughout the issue…This is a smart, funny, friendly, and — most importantly — fun book…”


“A terrific jumping on point for readers, of all ages, who just want to have fun and enjoy a great comic book adventure.”


“I don’t know how anyone could read this comic and not end up with a massive smile on their face, Reed Gunther is pure joy. 10/10″


“Chris & Shane have given us the most hilarious hero origin story you’ll ever read… You’d be hard-pressed to find a comic that will give you more laughs-per-panel than Reed Gunther.”


And don’t forget about our brand new LETTERS PAGE! Feel free to write in any question or comment to and you may see your words in print!

You can pick up the latest issue from your local comic shop or digitally from carriers like

Thanks and Happy Reading!

- Shane

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