REED GUNTHER #5 in Stores Today!



Finally! Chris and I have been waiting to release this issue for over a year! This issue was completely finished right before the deal with Image went through so we never ended up self-publishing it in black and white. This is the first (of hopefully many to come) “Image Exclusive” issue of REED GUNTHER!

Hopefully you awesome fans will think that it’s worth the wait! In this issue, Reed and Sterling catch up to Mr. Picks at his New York City freak show where they find Starla imprisoned and forced to be a part of his diabolical show! Reed must take back the monster-creating Idol and hide it someplace no one will ever disturb it so it will stop making monsters. But where can he hide an Idol in one of the most crowded cities on the planet?!

Also, Image just announced that they will be releasing digital versions of the book the same day as the print versions! Issue #4 still isn’t up on the site just yet for some reason, but hopefully we’ll see all future issues available digitally the same day as print so no one has to wait for anything!

Digital versions of REED GUNTHER are available here!

If digital comics is your jam, then you’ll get to check out the comics just as quickly as the print collectors. Regardless of which medium you prefer, we love you for checking out our adventures!

We’ll be in New York next week at the New York Comic Con so I hope the East is ready for a little Wild West action! We had a heck of an awesome time at APE in San Francisco this past weekend. Thanks to everyone who swung by our booth and snagged advanced copies of the fifth issue!

Thanks everyone and happy reading!

- Shane

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