Reed Gunther #2 in Stores Now!

REED GUNTHER IN A STALAC-TIGHT SPOT! is now in a comic shop near YOU!


This one’s got it all folks! Gold, goof-balls, mystery, monsters, kooky old cowboys, kooky young cowboys, danger, stinky breath, flashbacks, and all sorts of other stuff!

Reed Gunther and his grizzly bear Sterling venture into a spooky abandoned mine in search of hidden gold, despite the warnings from the town loony that something dangerous lays hidden in the caves! But what does he know? He’s crazy… right?

Starla (our damsel in not-so-much distress) also makes a return appearance, and I’ve got a feeling she’ll be hanging around with Reed and Sterling for some time.

There’s so much action, adventure, and fun in this issue, I’m getting excited just thinking about it!

Now bring on the LINKS!

Take a 5-page sneak peek inside Reed Gunther #2 over at MTV Geek!

Wondering what Chris and I think about stuff? Check out this recent interview we did with! Find out what we think of Reed, color vs. black and white, and what comics we’re currently reading.

If you’re near Burbank, California, swing on by the House of Secrets and get your copy scribbled on by me and Chris! RSVP on Facebook if it fits your fancy.

If you don’t know where your local comic shop is, head over to to find it! You can also order Reed Gunther comics online at!

Did you know that Reed Gunther #1 is available digitally through Because it totally is! Download and read the exciting first issue on the web, iPhone, iPad, or Android phone or tablet! Issue #2 will be available digitally in about 2 weeks.

Happy Reading!

- Shane

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  1. Hi, here’s a review I wrote of RG 1&2–
    “Reed Gunther” issue 1, and 2

    I’ve just reread “Mars” (Wheatley and Hemple, First Comics), first time in several years (even better this time). “The Batman Adventures” will get another happy go-through in a year or two, “Love and Rockets,” too. If you like any of these, Houghton’s art for “Reed Gunther” is like that, cartoony in the very best sense of the word, is flat-out expressive: has what Mars and Bat-Adventures and Love & Rockets have: exuberance!

    And if expressions are exaggerated, well, everything in Reed’s adventures are exaggerated—even the bears and the cows have readable expressions, and the giant green sneering river-living tail-rattling two-fanged snake–

    The Houghtons have taken the wildest, best-believable aspects of “Pecos Bill” and given them to a good-hearted, guile-less guy of the Dudley Do-Right romantic hero style and given him a bear to ride. And a girl, Arla, to meet, while she beats off that giant cattle-rustlin’ rattler. Arla’s a demon with a machete; it’s her herd, she’s means to protect’m. Reed and Sterling are there to help. Sterling is the bear, Reed’s mighty steed (“sterling” as in sterling silver..? hi-ho-sterling—away!).

    Happily what few captions there are are mostly time-transitions, ‘that night,’ ‘later that morning’. The spoken parts add to the characters and situations informally, naturally. There’s a lot told in issue one, yet no panel feels rushed, or unnecessary. Page layouts are varied, always easy to follow and the colors are bright without ever being garish, crisp even depicting night.

    I was not going to mention the “all ages” bullet on the cover, because issue 1 genuinely is great for everyone from beginning readers to sophisticated readers, and an ‘all ages’ notice too often turns a larger part of the audience away; but the just released issue 2 is much darker in tone, has some genuinely frightening elements, not the creatures so much as the kind of peril Reed is in, and in that issue 2 begins with Reed (innocently) supporting the bad guy.

    Not less good-hearted, #2 is considerably less light-hearted than issue one, and is, in a sense, a continued story, ending as the bad guy gets away, and Reed about to set out after him. Coloring, drawing, and dialogue are everey bit as engaging, and Arla makes an extended cameo appearance, although her dilemma (she’s cheated, selling her cattle) seems forgotten. Issue 3 is due in August and issue 4, September. Hopefully, more issues will follow.

    Because Reed and Sterling are fun to be with. And at an economic time when I’m almost relieved to see my second-list titles disappearing or dropped, over-priced, “Reed Gunther,” is well worth supporting, the entertainment value happily well exceeds its cover price.

    best wishes,
    Matt Levin