Help Us Pre-Order Reed Gunther #3!

Howdy Folks!

Chris and I would like to send out a huge THANK YOU to all the great comic book readers who picked up an issue of Reed Gunther #1! Issue #2 (Reed Gunther in a Stalac-TIGHT Spot!) comes out soon on July 6th, but comic book shops are currently taking pre-orders for issue #3 this week!

Reed Gunther #3 Cover

Please help us ensure that shops across the country have copies of this super awesome story! Not sure if it’s super awesome? Let me tell you just how awesome Reed Gunther #3 is by describing a taste of the action, drama, and adventure contained in issue #3!

Reed Gunther is racing across the country to meet up with a really bad guy who you’ll meet in issue two (no spoilers here folks!). Along the way, Reed bumps into everyone’s favorite steel-driving man, JOHN HENRY! Except this is after John Henry’s legendary death, which means… HE’S A ZOMBIE!

Now that Reed is hanging out with Starla, a human being who relates to Reed better than a grizzly bear, Sterling feels unwanted and must decide if he should leave Reed and Starla forever.John_Henry_supersm

John Henry Zombie Concept Art

If that sounds exciting to you, please call you local comic shop and ask them to order Reed Gunther #3 for you. If you give them this order code, it will be easier for them to order this issue from Diamond: JUN110555

Don’t know where your local shop is? Enter your zip code in at and find your closest comic shop!

Thanks everyone! We hope you’re enjoying the adventures!

- Shane

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