Reed Gunther #1 is Coming!!!

Hey Everyone!

We hope you’re as excited as we are for June 1st when Reed Gunther gallops into comic shops across the nation! We’re only a week away!

Until then, check out the 5 PAGE PREVIEW of Reed Gunther in the back of Robert Kirkman and Jason Howard’s latest SUPER DINOSAUR #2!


Robert, Jason, and the fine folks at Image Comics were nice enough to give us five whole pages to show off our first colored issue! You guys rock!

Of course Chris and I have been super excited for the release of issue one and we’ve been talking to anyone who will listen to us about it! Which means…


The always super-cool Eric from chatted with us about our move to Image and what it’s like to work with together as brothers. Check out that fun interview here!

Josh Fialkov from featured us in his article, “The Indie Side: Reed Gunther” and said some very flattering words about the book and talked with us about what influenced Reed Gunther and horror westerns!

We’ll be chatting with lots more folks in the next few days so keep a watch out on our Facebook page for all the latest news.

We’ll also be appearing at a bunch of comic shops in the next week or two, so if you’re in the Southern California area, be sure to swing by and say hi! Check out the side bar on the left for all our current appearances.

Until next time!

- Shane

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