fcbd2011reedgunther-550x667That’s right! Chris and I will be back at Meltdown Comics this Saturday (May 7th) at 1PM to teach kids of all ages how to write and draw comics!

The event is kind of like “Who’s Line Is It, Anyway?” meets comic books! Chris will create a couple of unique characters based on suggestions from the audience, and then I guide the audience suggestions into creating a six panel comic strip featuring those brand new characters!

We had an absolute BLAST last time we did this as a part of Kids Comics L.A. and we’re excited to hang with with folks at Meltdown on Free Comic Book Day!

Meltdown has all sorts of cool events lined up for the day including folks from Archaia Entertainment, the Jim Henson Company, the Grilled Cheese food truck, and lots of other comic book creators and TONS of FREE COMICS! Check out their entire list of events here.

Hope to see you there!

- Shane

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