Interviews and Long Beach

long-beach-comic-con.5568521.87photo by Liz Ohanesian

Hey you!

We’d like to have a big ‘ol thanks to all the folks who came out to the Long Beach Comic Con and swung by our table. We are very appreciative of all the people who listened to us shout over the noise of the neighboring wrestling ring.

Chris and I made the LA Weekly Slide Show, as you can see above, but there were way more interesting people at that con than us. Click here to see a wide variety of costumes, cos-play, and the most bizarre part of the con… OTHER CREATORS! OooooOOOOohhhhHHH!

You may have already seen the links if you’re a fan of Reed Gunther on our Facebook Fan Page, but Chris and I were barraged with questions last week in the form of INTERVIEWS!

Read as Chris and I answer TEN DEADLY* QUESTIONS over at! We had a really goofy time answering questions like:

“Which one of you would win in a fight?”

But we also answer real and though provoking questions about Reed Gunther, comic book production, and what kind of media we’re currently into!

Hate reading? Then read the much shorter ONE QUESTION interview over at! In this interview, we talk about what a hypothetical Reed Gunther Movie would/could look like!


- Shane

*interview not actually deadly. Like, at all**.

**unless you’re allergic to words.

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