Movin’ On Out

Howdy Folks!

Amazing comic writer/artist Jay Fosgitt recently drew Reed Gunther on Chris’ Blog as a little going away present for Chris:

Here’s a semi-amusing story about Jay– My first year of college was at Central Michigan University; the same place where Jay first started his comic career. His comics were printed in the campus newspaper and I ate them up. (Not literally. Newspaper doesn’t sit well with my digestion.) After reading Jay’s strips, my love for comics was rejuvenated. I even tried writing and drawing my own strip after seeing Jay’s work, but nothing ever came to fruition.

It would take a few more years before the comic bug finally bit hard enough for me to write a full script and hand it over to Chris, but Jay helped inspire me during the early years when I was still trying to figure out what I wanted to do.

And NOW, although I’ve never met Jay, Chris has met up with him through various cons in Michigan and they’re now friends. Strange! Jay, we’ll have to meet so I can thank you properly.

Jay’s hilarious book, Dead Duck.

I pick up Chris from the airport on Wednesday. I usually do something strange for Chris when I pick him up at the airport. When he came in for Comic Con, I stood next to all the drivers with signs with people’s names and held up my own sign that read “STUPID FACE”.

Any suggestions on what to do for his big move out West?

- Shane

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  1. Jay Fosgitt says:

    Hey Shane! I’m very touched–both for you giving me shout out here on the Reed Gunther blog and for your kind recollections of my work at CMlife. The work you and Chris are doing these days far eclipses the best of anything I threw together at CMlife. You guys are going to go far with Reed Gunther, I believe that absolutely. And I look forward to finally meeting you in person one of these days (Oh yes, it will happen)!