Look Ma! We’re On the Internet!


While at the San Diego Comic Con this year, Chris and I had the chance to talk to people who record conversations. That’s right, our first real INTERVIEW!

We were interviewed by a few different people for various projects (feature documentary, web videos, podcasts, ect…) who knows how many of those projects will actually see the light of day. My favorite interview was the one we did with a puppet cat. Hey puppet cat, put that on the internet!

Luckily, the fine folks at the Meltcast podcast were kind enough to let Chris and I crash their recording session in the Marriot lobby and regale them with all our fine knowledge of comic books (and apparently butt jokes).

Thanks so much to Caleb, Aaron, and Chris for letting us chat with them!

Give it a listen here! (Chris and I come in around the 7:20 mark)

- Shane

php6hBU6ePMThis is not the Meltcast. That’s just audio. This is VIDEO!

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