Sold Out!

WOWEE! What a weekend!

Chris and I just traveled back from SPACE in Columbus, OH and we are pooped!

We had a fantastic time with all the wonderful creators and fans this weekend. There’s tons of great folks in the indie comic/small press world and having everyone come together at a con like SPACE is a great way to find exciting and interesting new art, stories, and people!

A big thanks goes out to all the folks who picked up our books! We eventually sold out of issues on Sunday and we’re really sorry for all who stopped by and didn’t get a chance to snag an issue at the con, but there are always issues available in the Store section of the site if you’re still interested!

And now we’ll leave you with the only in-focus shot we have. Of course, the only one in-focus is the one where we’re making faces! I promise I was having way more fun than I look like I’m having in this picture…


Happy Reading!

- Shane

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Discussion (3)¬

  1. Dyl says:

    Do you guys ever visit Toronto?

  2. We haven’t been to Toronto and set-up a booth at a con just yet but would love to. I was able to visit TCAF last year and thought it was an awesome con with some great exhibitors.

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