Fill In the Word Balloon Contest Winnings!

Hey Balloon Fillers!

You may remember the Fill In the Word Balloon Contest we had a little while back when Trains, Reigns, and Pains came out, and you may also remember that Andrew Adams won the grand prize after submitting a hilarious page where he went above and beyond by COLORING it! Wow!

Andrew asked to see Reed Gunther in a very unique scenario and Chris happily obliged…


Awesome stuff!

Andrew, being the awesome and kind guy that he is, opted to use this opportunity to give a gift to someone close to him. He’s giving this custom drawing away to the fella you see swinging in holding the wrench, who has asked to remain anonymous which accounts for the blur in the corner.

Did you folks enjoy the Fill In the Word Balloon contest? Should we hold the contest again for issue 4, Reed Gunther in Fish Out of Slaughter (coming in May!)? Comment below if you’d like to see another contest where you could win an awesome drawing just like this one! (well, you can choose if you want robotic dinosaurs chasing Reed and Sterling or not)


- Shane

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  1. BD says:

    Three thumbs up! I’m already composing my entry…