Behind the Scenes: Animal Intimidation (Part 1)


Hey Spectral Frighteners!

Chris and I hope you enjoyed the latest Reed Gunther short, Animal Intimidation! If you haven’t had a chance yet, be sure to swing by to download the new story found in the SPACE 2010 Anthology. You are required to sign up, but once you make an account, the download is FREE!

For our first full color story, Chris and I wanted to have a goofy and fun story that would also introduce new readers to the world of Reed Gunther. Probably the most definitive characteristic that sets Reed apart from other cowboys is his furry mode of transportation, Sterling the grizzly bear! I thought it would be fun to see what animals other dopey cowboys would think up to ride in a time of crisis, and Animal Intimidation was born!

Chris designed some fantastic new characters for this story, some of which we posted earlier here and here, but you can’t have Animal Intimidation with out the animals or what needs to be intimidated!  Check out these great designs of the ghosts and some various animals:

AI_Concepts_4_smAI_Concepts_2_smI thought it was really cool to see what dogs look like when done in Chris’ unique Reed Gunther Universe style! Awesome stuff!

Next time, and for the first time, coloring!

- Shane

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