Fantastic Fan Art!

Wowee!  Take a look at this fantastic fan art sent in by Bryan Durren’s kids, Heath and Haven!

While Bryan was working on his pin up, his kids thought they’d get in on the action and came up with some fun and amazing drawings!

First up is Heath Durren (7 years old) with his terrific rendition of Reed, a Stupid Cow, Sterling, and Starla!  Awesome stuff!


Next up is Haven Durren (5 years old) with his fantastically goofy versions of Reed, Sterling, a Stupid Cow, and the Steak Snacking Snake!  While drawing, Haven suggested to his dad that he shave his soul patch so he would be left with just his fu manchu so his dad would look more like Reed Gunther!  Fantastic idea, Haven!




Great work guys!  Thanks so much for sending in your awesome drawings and keep it up!

If you’d like to share your Reed Gunther Fan Art, please shoot it our way at: mail(at)reedgunther(dot)com!

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