How About A Little Comic-Love?

Happy San Diego Comic-Con Everyone!

Most comic fans are currently making their annual trek out to the West Coast for the always amazing San Diego Comic-Con!  Reed Gunther is not currently represented at that large of a con yet, but keep a look out.  Chris’ Mez-It will be on display this weekend, so if you wander over to the Mez-It exhibit, be sure to look out for our goofy bear-riding cowboy!

This year, Chris is stuck in ‘ol Detroit and can’t make it out, but to show his love for comics, he recently completed a couple of awesome pin-ups!  The first for the most amazing, and nicest fella in the biz, Guy Davis, and his neat-o book, The Marquis.  Guy was nice enough to provide a phenomenal pin-up for Reed Gunther and the Steak Snacking Snake!  Thanks again, Guy!

Houghton_Marquis_Pinup_smNext, is a goofy take on Eric Powell’s The Goon, whom both Chris and I are big fans!

Houghton_The_Goon_Pinup_smReed Gunther issue #2  is well on it’s way, so keep checking back for the latest updates!

- Shane

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