First Five Pages of Reed Gunther!

Hey Folks!

Thanks for checking out the brand new Reed Gunther website!  Chris and I are really excited to get this first issue out and into as many of your grabby hands as possible!

If you’re ready to snag a copy of your very own, head on over to the store to place your order!

If you’re not an immediate friend or family member of either Shane or Chris, you may be saying, “Hey! Why the heck would I want to read YOUR crummy book, stranger?”

And then I’d say, “Cause it’s really good, silly!  Just check out the First Five Pages of the first issue and see for yourself!”

Thanks for reading independent comics!


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Discussion (2)¬

  1. céline says:

    Hey ! I liked the drawing and I definitely want to what happens to the bear !

    Talk to you soon,


  2. Scott Daly says:

    Pretty nifty site you guys have going here! Chris told me the writing for the next issue is killer. Can’t wait to read it!